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Terms & Conditions

Cancellation Policy:

If you need help finding an appropriate room or apartment. We will work on that, show you a variety of available locals and if you agree on taking one of them you need to pay a deposit to keep the local for you. If you decide to not move finally, you might lose the deposit if the local owner decides to not give it back.

If you decide to not show up or decide to cancel your journey later, you might lose the deposit.


The deposit is held by the local owner till the end of your journey. In the case of any damage,  the repair cost will be deducted from it. Otherwise, it will be given back.

 Minimum Stay:

  • No minimum stay is required.

Payment Terms:

  • We offer you the necessary help to settle down first. We gait paid at the end. Our fees include the time and the final resources spent to research, visit, and information reporting as well as any other needed service.

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