Living in BCN

It may be possible to get a hotel room initially or a short term apartment until you find your long term new home but is it worth it spending such valuable time, that great amount of money and go through a tiring days or weeks researching and visiting? You maybe went through it before, you may not realize at this particular moment how time-consuming it is and how much commuting it requires.

You need a local in which you feel comfortable, that is close to who you are, with people who are in the same state of mind as you are.

We are proposing a customized and personalized service. We will base our research on your criteria, your needs and wants. We take it all in hand

Instead, here is what you should do.

Visit. Yes, there is no better productive mind than a relaxed one.

Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, it represents the Catalan architecture. It is known for its “Gaudí” constructions and many others in addition of the Roman remains, its rich heritage and history make it an exemplary cultural city. You will not get bored in here, there is always something going on, concerts, museums and Events.  Just two hours drive from the Pyrenees if you are a nature lover, a hiker or mountaineer. You will enjoy practicing your favorite sport around, the rich and diversified ecosystem will blow your mind. You may be even more adventurous and go for a city break in one of the surrounding countries.

Such a great luck! Enjoy it.

NIE procedure In Spain.

You got this exciting opportunity to spend a period of time in Spain, but you are not familiar with the documents and procedures? Do not worry, this post will help you out. Foreigners in general and all European visitors who are planning to spend a period of time equal or exceeding three months and in order to comply with the legal requirement need to apply for NIE (Numero de Identidad Extranjero).

You need to know that when it comes to a long stay in Spain, the visa obtained in your home country only helps you out to get in the country.

First, it is important to highlight the difference between the NIE and TIE that most of the newbies are confused about. The NIE is the national identification number obtained by the foreigners seeking temporary residency in Spain while TIE (Tarjeta de Extranjero) is the card itself which contains all the basic information in addition to the NIE number.

Applying for the NIE is relatively straightforward especially if you are capable of speaking Spanish, but need some patience as it takes few weeks to be done.

Appointment: the first step is mainly about showing that you got into the country legally, that you are financially comfortable, can look after yourself and won’t represent a burden or cause any trouble during the period of stay. Also, it is to clarify the reason and to proof why you need this card. You are required to register with the police no later than one month after your arrival. Thus, it is highly recommended that you reserve your appointment as soon as possible. Bear in mind that sometimes there is no available appointment before 03 to 4 weeks. This is where you should go for this purpose:

You are required to register with the police no later than one month after your arrival. Thus, it is highly recommended that you reserve your appointment as soon as possible. Bear in mind that sometimes there is no available appointment before 3 to 4 weeks. This is where you should go for this purpose:

1- Choose your district

2- “Expedicion de Tarjeta de Identidad Extranjero (Huella)”

3- You will be shown the necessary documents to bring with you. I believe it is always better to take all the documents you had to provide for your visa initially or any document that you might think of as necessary or important.

4- You will have to fill out your personal information.

5- You will receive an email as a confirmation of your appointment that you need to print and take with you to the appointment.

Application form: Depending on your case you may need to go to the nearest police station to ask which form you need to complete. It might be EX-15 or EX-00. You then can find it here

Empadronamiento (Proof of address): It is highly important documents. You will need to provide a proof that you found and have your own place to live. Although you won’t need an appointment here, you may need your landlord help in this step.

1- You must visit your local municipal town hall in which you live.

2- Request and fill the application form for the “empadronamiento”.

3- Passport

4- Original contract of accommodation. If it is not under your name, you may need your landlord presence or his ID.

Proof of presence: You will need all the original documents that are showing your professional or student activity. The card will have an expiry date similar to the one present in your document. If your studies are supposed to finish in September, your card will expire the same day.

You will have to get back to the same place after 4 weeks to get you card and you are finally a legal resident in Barcelona.


Visit Tibidabo

You probably noticed the big statue at the top of the mountain overlooking Barcelona. Know mainly under its informal name “temple of Tibidabo”. It is a beautiful church to view, it is perhaps one of the most iconic sights of Barcelona.

Decades ago, there were plans to build a protestant temple on this site. This fear motivated the board of the catholic knights to purchase the land and give it up to Sant Joan Bosco in order to build a large catholic temple at this height.

At the time a neo-gothic chapel was built in 1806 and for many years the work was put off to restart again under the supervision of the well-known Spanish architect Enric Sagnier and it took place in 1902 which was completed some 60 years afterward by his son Josep Maria Sagnier i Vidal. Topped by a bronze sculpture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus which is in Spanish, the “Templo Expiatorio del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús”.

Most of the visitors recall the “Basilique du Sacre Coeur de Montmartre” in Paris as they look very similar and both have been constructed at the top of a mountain.

It might be disappointing to travel the whole way to see an amusement park spoiling such a beautiful site. But the view over Barcelona, especially on a sunny day, is spectacular. For people with children it might a little heaven, both adults and kids will be entertained.

20170501_174539 (2).jpg

20170501_170118 (3).jpg

Most visitors use public transport to get to the top including Underground, Tibidabo Tram, and the Funicular de Tibidabo. But, It is also possible to travel the whole way up through the mountain’s forest. I find it particularly entertaining and much more rewarding.

20170501_164155 (2).jpg

Although most of the people think that hiking up that mountain might take even 4 hours. If you take the L7 to avenue Tibidabo and start your journey from there. You can be sure that getting to the top level won’t take you more than 45 min to 1 hour. Despite the fact that it might be a long way to go to see the church, it is actually well worth the journey. The best would be to have a free day because if the weather is warm and the sky is clear you will enjoy spending much more time in each spot taking pictures and taking as much benefit as you can from this calm relaxing environment.

20170501_165254 (2).jpg

Once at the top, you will have the chance to see one of best views of the city of Barcelona and I am sure you won’t regret it. The interior of the temple is unique, the first floor got the style of the neo-byzantine architecture. The second floor is, on the other hand, a mixture of Roman and gothic style. An elevator has been made in the service of the visitors who would like to check out the city at 575 meters above the sea level.

Aneto peak Pyrenees: Mountainering

It has been at least 2 weeks since I made it to Aneto. Still, I feel so proud and the merveilleuse landscape does not leave my mind. It might sound extream but it is really a great experience.

It is the highest mountain in the Pyrenees, 3.404m above the sea level. One of the most known peaks of Spain. Located in Aragon, together with Monte Perdido and Vignemal, this region is the most popular destination among the mountaineering lovers from all over the world.

20170330_201411 (2).jpg

Located in the province of Huesca, around the Benasque valley, the mighty colossus of the Aragon Pyrenees stands over the majestic landscapes of the montes Malditos as referred to in the mythology. Standing such as a watchtower of granite covered with snow, it is an impressive spot that is surrounded by the greatest concentration of 3.000 m peaks in the Pyrenees, its highest slopes are home to the Spain’s largest glacier. In 1984 this glacier was occupying an area equal to 1.32 square Kilometers and a length of 1.6 km. Other collected data says that more than 80% of it had been lost between 1984 and 2007. Just like the Careser Glacier in Italy, in few years of decades, the Spanish glacier might disappear, unfortunately. So, hiking around this area is an adventure that requires a lot of preparation, care, and respect.


You also need the appropriate equipment. From my point of view, you will need warm clothes, waterproof and Windbreaks light boots and Jacket, Ice-axe and crampons and sleeping bag if you decide to spend a night in la Renclusa refugee (2.140 m). I met a lot of people using touring skis and others using the snow raquetas. Also, some people feel much more secure using the ropes. It all depends on your experience, the weather conditions, when and how you planned the adventure.


From Barcelona, there are direct buses to Barbastro (2 hours journey). We took then another bus from the same station to Benasque (1h30 min) and we were supposed to take a third bus which stops in midway between Llanos del Hospital and la Besurta.

20170417_160123 (3)

This last bus is not operating before June after the snow is all meltdown in this area. Fortunate we are, we could take a taxi to LLanos del Hospital (25 km) and we started our hiking journey from there to reach la Renclusa where we spent a night. This adventure can be done any time of the year, but the most popular period is June, while the snow still covers the summits, the weather is much better and the hike might be much easier and safer.

20170418_094001 (3)

Following the normal ascent route, the landscape starts to change. You may spend 2 to 3 hours to reach the Portillón inferior which is most common pass in winter where the glacier begin. In the summer, people go through the portillión superior. Here is a great place to stop, to rest and enjoy the magnificent view, the valley, the peaks and the sea of ice. Crossing the glacier might take one to two hours and should be undertaken with high caution. At the end of the glacier starts the ascent toward the Mahoma pass which is known as the most dangerous part of the whole adventure still essential to reach the very top. Many people choose to stop the journey right before the pass that is around 40 meters long. The round trip to la Renclusa in the winter can be made in 9 to 10 hours. Tiring but worth the effort.


Visit the 7 Gorgs, Catalunia

Not far from Ripoll and precisely in Campdevanól (Girona) you can find one of the most beautiful places in Catalonia that very often goes unnoticed. We propose you an excursion along the 7 Gorgs or the 7 waterfalls, natural river pools surrounded by a rich and abundant green vegetation.

Easy to find and very close to some rural houses. Once at Campdevanól,  you might look for camping Pirinenc. Few meters at your left side, you will notice the starting point of the path.

20170422_114634 (2).jpg

The route is circular, but once you reach the 7th waterfall which is in a middle way. The rest of the route will be mainly in the middle of the forest, surrounded by trees and total calm. You will enjoy the landscape that is including a  magnificent chain of mountains belonging to Serra de Montgrony.  You may follow the trail via Wikiloc using this route identifier number 17363808.

20170422_141046 (2).jpg

Depending on your current physical state, it is possible to qualify the level of the hike easy to moderate with some slopes a little more difficult. If you follow the path, approximately 10 km. You may make it in no more than 3 hours. It worth say though that it is not sufficient to enjoy this natural paradise.  recommend going early morning because a the end of the route you will find a barbecue area

The last time I visited this spot, I noticed a little bar few meters away from the last gorg. There is also a parking and barbecuing area for the public. This might raise a debate with different opinions but I stick with the fact that it is a natural site, a must visit but we need to respect it and take care of it.

I recommend going early morning. So, you can enjoy the hike, maybe a drink or lunch by one of the gorgs and finally a barbecue before heading back home.

20170218_125514 (2)

How to get a job while at university

You are about to finish your university studies and it is mandatory to spend few month in a position related to your field. During this period you are supposed to complete a number of tasks. To ensure your success you need to pick a job that interests you in an industry you are passionate and enthusiastic about.

You must know that recruiters do not like vague applications. So, you need to focus your energy on a particular path. It will help you to get the position you want and you will not regret spending long hours doing it.

You are a new graduate or you will be in few months, a year or two. You need to keep in mind that the first job you get will not definitely determine your future career path. More you experience, more your know about who you are, what you like and what you can do. Basically, you change. The world of work change and instead on thinking about the 5 coming years focus on the 12-24 next months. You will feel less stress, you will make fewer mistakes and your vision of the future will be clearer.

More important, do not base your choices on family and friends experiences, wants and needs. We are all different. Carve your personal career path.

focus on improving more skills, learning more languages and gain transferable skills via work experiences, volunteering, and internships. The reality is that even if you hold a master degree, your chances of getting your dream job won’t be any greater unless you would like to continue in academia. Employers look for skilled people, who can be profitable starting from their first hour in the office. People who can make an impact.

One more thing, we are all using social media platforms today to express ideas, to share daily experiences and fun time with friends, family and the whole world. Keep in mind that your potential employer might have a look at your profile and decide if you deserve being part of his team or not. think twice before posting, it might cost you the job of your dream.