Living in BCN

It may be possible to get a hotel room initially or a short term apartment until you find your long term new home but is it worth it spending such valuable time, that great amount of money and go through a tiring days or weeks researching and visiting? You maybe went through it before, you may not realize at this particular moment how time-consuming it is and how much commuting it requires.

You need a local in which you feel comfortable, that is close to who you are, with people who are in the same state of mind as you are.

We are proposing a customized and personalized service. We will base our research on your criteria, your needs and wants. We take it all in hand

Instead, here is what you should do.

Visit. Yes, there is no better productive mind than a relaxed one.

Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia, it represents the Catalan architecture. It is known for its “Gaudí” constructions and many others in addition of the Roman remains, its rich heritage and history make it an exemplary cultural city. You will not get bored in here, there is always something going on, concerts, museums and Events.  Just two hours drive from the Pyrenees if you are a nature lover, a hiker or mountaineer. You will enjoy practicing your favorite sport around, the rich and diversified ecosystem will blow your mind. You may be even more adventurous and go for a city break in one of the surrounding countries.

Such a great luck! Enjoy it.


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