Visit the 7 Gorgs, Catalunia

Not far from Ripoll and precisely in Campdevanól (Girona) you can find one of the most beautiful places in Catalonia that very often goes unnoticed. We propose you an excursion along the 7 Gorgs or the 7 waterfalls, natural river pools surrounded by a rich and abundant green vegetation.

Easy to find and very close to some rural houses. Once at Campdevanól,  you might look for camping Pirinenc. Few meters at your left side, you will notice the starting point of the path.

20170422_114634 (2).jpg

The route is circular, but once you reach the 7th waterfall which is in a middle way. The rest of the route will be mainly in the middle of the forest, surrounded by trees and total calm. You will enjoy the landscape that is including a  magnificent chain of mountains belonging to Serra de Montgrony.  You may follow the trail via Wikiloc using this route identifier number 17363808.

20170422_141046 (2).jpg

Depending on your current physical state, it is possible to qualify the level of the hike easy to moderate with some slopes a little more difficult. If you follow the path, approximately 10 km. You may make it in no more than 3 hours. It worth say though that it is not sufficient to enjoy this natural paradise.  recommend going early morning because a the end of the route you will find a barbecue area

The last time I visited this spot, I noticed a little bar few meters away from the last gorg. There is also a parking and barbecuing area for the public. This might raise a debate with different opinions but I stick with the fact that it is a natural site, a must visit but we need to respect it and take care of it.

I recommend going early morning. So, you can enjoy the hike, maybe a drink or lunch by one of the gorgs and finally a barbecue before heading back home.

20170218_125514 (2)


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