How to get a job while at university

You are about to finish your university studies and it is mandatory to spend few month in a position related to your field. During this period you are supposed to complete a number of tasks. To ensure your success you need to pick a job that interests you in an industry you are passionate and enthusiastic about.

You must know that recruiters do not like vague applications. So, you need to focus your energy on a particular path. It will help you to get the position you want and you will not regret spending long hours doing it.

You are a new graduate or you will be in few months, a year or two. You need to keep in mind that the first job you get will not definitely determine your future career path. More you experience, more your know about who you are, what you like and what you can do. Basically, you change. The world of work change and instead on thinking about the 5 coming years focus on the 12-24 next months. You will feel less stress, you will make fewer mistakes and your vision of the future will be clearer.

More important, do not base your choices on family and friends experiences, wants and needs. We are all different. Carve your personal career path.

focus on improving more skills, learning more languages and gain transferable skills via work experiences, volunteering, and internships. The reality is that even if you hold a master degree, your chances of getting your dream job won’t be any greater unless you would like to continue in academia. Employers look for skilled people, who can be profitable starting from their first hour in the office. People who can make an impact.

One more thing, we are all using social media platforms today to express ideas, to share daily experiences and fun time with friends, family and the whole world. Keep in mind that your potential employer might have a look at your profile and decide if you deserve being part of his team or not. think twice before posting, it might cost you the job of your dream.